Grupo Saret, is a vertically integrated business corporation, with special emphasis in the generation of energy using renewable energy resources.

In the past 25 years it has collaborated with customers and partners in different levels of the developing, financing and construction phases of 44 power plants, from Monterrey Mexico, to Panama, amounting to 1843MW of installed capacity.

The corporation manages three business portfolios:

The first portfolio includes the heavy metal fabrication company, the general contracting company, the equipment and machinery company, and the steel trade company.

The second portfolio includes the energy investments in power plants that are in commercial operation, as well as green field projects.

The third portfolio includes other investments, such us the Saret Airport and Puntarenas industrial parks or free trade zones, the private concession of the Port of Caldera on the Pacific shore of Costa Rica, and two investments in the tourism and real estate sector in Costa Rica.