Career opportunities in our organization different areas ranging from engineering to security and environment, administration, finance, business management, risk management and project management, all in different countries where we  have business.

SARET is an excellent place to work where you can develop your knowledge and creativity, where yours skills and contributions are valued by the organization that understands the treasure that they are. From now  we invite you to know us and be part of an exceptional team.

Our positions for people recently graduated or soon to graduate with little or no experience will allow you to enter a world of professional experiences that will develop your professional training.

We are looking professionals for all areas of engineering, management and technology, come to enhance and generate added value to our organization.

Career Technical
In SARET we have many different technical areas in different projects


Our positions in administration are seeking individuals with strong communication skills, planning administrative financial and accounting control

Business Development
We are looking for the viability of a project from inception to delivery to run As soon as it taking all the factors that determine the viability of the

Search supervisors, superintendents and field engineers in civilian areas, electrical, mechanical, handling, welding and quality control are just some of the professionals in place to bring a life project.

SARET has a long history of compliance with technical excellence. SARET engineers test their ideas and ingenuity to find innovative, practical and profitable for our clients.

Occupational Safety and environment
In SARET safety is taken very seriously our policy of zero accidents is our standard in each of the activities we conducted and the way SARET keeps and maintains a serious commitment to the environment and demonstrated by the majority of its projects area of ​​renewable energies.

Human Resources
Our human resources helps us recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best in our business. We seek to further the development of our human talent, with continuous training and career development opportunities and permanent improvement.

Is the area that analyzes the needs of our organization at the hardware and software technologies to innovate with the best in information technology in pursuit of our projects and operations.

Internal Audit
Internal audit team assesses SARET internal policies of the company, and regularly conducts research to ensure that its employees comply with the standards of conduct of the company, avoiding conflicts of interest, and operating at the highest levels of ethics, integrity and honesty.

Legal professionals manage complex first line support legal and regulatory issues surrounding the construction and engineering projects.

The PMO has professionals with an objective view of how projects of our organization to monitor aspects of performance, cost and budget control evaluation projects in the field, analyzes and makes recommendations for improvement.

Metalworking Production
One of the most interesting areas is the area of metalworking manufacturing and technical professionals with high caliber talent put their products in the manufacture of metalworking for large projects in different areas of energy and heavy construction where develops SARET.

Quality Assurance
SARET and its policy of continuous improvement for the projects of our organization remain the guidelines for quality assurance from start to end, ensuring our customers a quality delivery.

The purchase area is characterized by the well-organized management that allows our projects have all they need for good performance it under a philosophy of finding the best prices, quality and timely delivery has been achieved through the implementation of our commitments and a good relationship with our suppliers.

Risk Management
Risk is part of our business, so management is essential. Just behind is our risk management team, anticipate, assess and mitigate any exposure exposure for our organization